Ocean 24 SE and client ORG Packaging met with Monumental Sports to Discuss Potential Partnership Opportunities

Ocean 24 Sports & Entertainment and its client ORG Packaging met with Mr. Ted Leonsis, founder, majority owner, Chairman and CEO and several other senior executives of Monumental Sport & Entertainment, to discuss potential praetorship opportunities.

Monumental Sports & Entertainment owns the NHL's Washington Capitals, the NBA's Washington Wizards, the WNBA's Mystics and Verizon Center in Washington DC. 

Ocean 24 SE Client O.R.G. Announce Expanded Partnership with Boston Bruins; Hosted First Chinese Culture Themed Game Night at TD Garden

Ocean 24 SE’s client O.R.G. Packaging announced they have expanded their partnership with the Boston Bruins. Ocean 24 SE and O.R.G. joined the Bruins and hosted the first Chinese culture themed game night on Tuesday, February 2 during their game against the Toronto Maple Leafs at TD Garden. 

O.R.G. is the first ever Chinese partner of the Boston Bruins and the National Hockey League. O.R.G. Packaging Chairman Zhou Yunjie, Bruins President, NHL Hall of Famer Cam Neely, Bruins and TD Garden Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing Glen Thornborough and Ocean 24 SE President attended the press conference at TD Garden on February 2 before the game started. The new expanded partnership is highlighted by a summer visit to China with current Bruins players, executives and front office staff.

“Finding innovative ways to grow the game of hockey is always a priority of the Bruins organization,” said Neely. “The synergy between the Bruins and O.R.G. Packaging will positively impact the growth of the game in the local Chinese community while showcasing the passion for hockey that exists in Asia.”

"O.R.G. Packaging is very excited about becoming the first ever Chinese partner of the Boston Bruins and the NHL,” said O.R.G. Packaging Chairman Zhou Yunjie. “We will serve as a bridge between China and the US, to better promote cultural and sports exchanges through ice hockey.”

Ocean 24 SE’s client O.R.G. Packaging will work with the Bruins in numerous ways to help grow the sport of hockey in China as well as educate North American residents about the growth of hockey in China. This summer, the Bruins and O.R.G. Packaging expect to send current Bruins players, executives and front office staff to China to host youth hockey camps, clinics and workshops to help grow the game of hockey.

As part of the partnership the Bruins hosted a 10 day official clinic with 22 Chinese youth hockey players sent by O.R.G. and Ocean 24 SE from China. Over the 10 days the youth hockey players have participated in clinics with the Bruins Youth Hockey Development team and Bruins Alumni Andrew Raycroft and Rick Middleton. The Chinese players participated in 10 games against local New England youth hockey teams. The group also participated in numerous activities during O.R.G. Bruins Chinese Culture Game Night including the Future Bruins, Three Minutes of Fame, high fiving Bruins players before they take the ice and meeting with Bruins Alumni and current Bruins players.

Massachusetts State Representatives, Boston city officials as well as major Chinese and American media also attended the event and sent congratulatory letters to Ocean 24 SE and O.R.G.


2016年2月2日,在波士顿历史悠久的体育殿堂TD Garden球场,由美国海洋贰拾肆体育娱乐(Ocean 24 Sports & Entertainment)客户奥瑞金包装股份有限公司主办的“奥瑞金中华之夜”隆重开幕。奥瑞金与Ocean 24 SE合作,首次将中华文化和2022年冬奥会带到NHL(国家冰球联盟)赛场,让更多人感受底蕴深厚的中华文化和中国体育事业的蓬勃发展。

当晚在波士顿棕熊队与加拿大枫叶队比赛入场处,迎接观众的是具有中国文化气息的京剧人物。体育场内也设有剪窗花、写春联等展示中华文化的展台,还有关于2022年北京冬奥会的展板。现场的猴年形象广告版,鲜艳的中国元素与欢庆的气氛将整个球场渲染成了中国年味十足的红色海洋。当天下午4时,奥瑞金与棕熊队的签约仪式拉开了中国企业与北美冰球文化首次合作的序幕。当晚棕熊队和加拿大枫叶队的比赛结束后,棕熊队传奇球星Cam Neely特意来到现场,鼓励来到现场的20多位中国青少年冰球选手坚持冰球梦。

比赛开始前,Ocean 24 SE和客户奥瑞金公司收到了来自波士顿市长以及马萨诸塞州议会的贺信。 市长称赞Ocean24此次活动既向美国球迷和波士顿的市民传播了中华文化,也帮助当地华人更多的参与到美国体育文化里。

Ocean 24 SE能够见证中国公司与美国冰球联盟的球队的首次合作并参与其中感到骄傲。 Ocean 24 SE负责人表示能够成为连接中美冰球体育文化的桥梁是一名体育人的骄傲。Ocean 24 体育娱乐将会更加热情的致力于促进中美体育运动交流。